BREAKING: Election Fraud Bombshell – Reports Stuns Nation

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak exposed Democrats in a recent piece pointing out Democrats attacking former President Trump for doing something they themselves did for years.

President Trump called foul and claimed that election fraud led to his defeat. For four years, Democrats refused to acknowledge President Trump’s legitimacy as President for years, even after a full investigation proved his legitimacy.

Pollak said, “Special Counsel Robert Mueller revealed in 2019 that he had found no evidence of any “collusion” between any U.S. citizen and Russia. But Democrats never accepted that conclusion. Indeed, then-candidate Joe Biden even agreed with a voter in New Hampshire who said — well after the Mueller Report — that Trump was “an illegitimate president” controlled by Putin.”

Democrats are now trying to impeach Trump, even after he has left office because Trump dared to “undermine the presidency” by questioning the election results.

Pollak continued saying, “They [Democrats] themselves embraced one of the most damaging conspiracy theories in history. And hardly anyone has had to answer for it. It is well past time for Democrats and the media to come clean about the “Russia collusion” hoax and what it cost us.”

Americans will never know the truth if there was real election fraud in the 2020 election, but thanks to a precedent set by Democrats, none of that matters. If Democrats can continue to make baseless claims about President Trump, Republicans should be free to question the election.

Read the full story here.

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