BREAKING: Election Fraud BOMBSHELL – Democrat Refuses To Provide…

Despite a request from the Michigan legislature, Jocelyn Benson is refusing to testify before state congress about irregularities and possible election fraud.

Benson wrote a statement claiming that her mere presence at the hearing would be contributing to conspiracy theories and political gamesmanship.

“I am aware of the hearings the Committee has conducted, and am concerned [t]hat contrary to your desire to ‘get to the bottom’ of election questions, they are instead amplifying already debunked conspiracy theories and previously disproven claims of people who lack basic knowledge of election administration, and in doing so undermining the integrity of the election and wounding our democracy,” said Benson.

Despite her insistence that there is no merit in election questions, she should be uniquely situated to answer questions and to provide the very thing she claims she wants others to have — a believe in the integrity of the elections. Yet she is avoiding answering questions.

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