BREAKING: Election Fraud Bombshell – Bill Barr Pulls The Trigger

An election fraud bombshell just dropped and millions are stunned. Former Attorney General Bill Barr has pulled the trigger — nothing will be the same.

During an interview with ITV News, Barr claimed President Donald Trump’s election challenges “precipitated” the Capitol riot. He said that when people “lose faith in the integrity of elections – you are going to have some people resort to violence.”

To his credit, he also singled out “suppressing free speech” and losing “confidence in the media” as contributing factors, seemingly referring to the censorship on Twitter and Facebook and the media’s biased reporting.

But he ultimately blames Trump for the unexpected violence that erupted at the Capitol, accusing Trump of “orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress.” One has to wonder if Barr was paying attention at all, though.

At a rally mere hours before protesters marched to the Capitol, Trump encouraged supporters to make their voices heard “peacefully and patriotically” — which is far cry from what Barr and the media are claiming.

Contextually, they are all but claiming that Trump wanted the violence to happen. Pro-Trump rallies and protests have always been peaceful, however. It is disgusting that some people decided to go rogue and riot. This is never acceptable.

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