BREAKING: Election Fraud Announcement – Donald Trump Stunned

An election ‘fraud announcement’ just dropped and President Donald Trump is stunned. No one expected this to happen at the eleventh hour.

“Look, there’s no evidence of systemic fraud that benefited Joe Biden in this election,” said John Bolton, Trump’s former national security advisor. He proceeded to repeatedly attack Trump and his legal team on CNN.

“They have failed in courts, they have failed in administrative proceedings, they have failed under state law,” continued Bolton. “So you’ve either got to say there was no systematic fraud, or Donald Trump had the worst legal team in the history of Western Civilization.”

He also said that if the challenge to the election results continues, Trump and his allies “will embarrass themselves.” Of all the choices, it is forgone conclusion that Trump wishes he could take Bolton’s appointment back.

Ever since leaving the Trump administration, Bolton has stabbed the president in the back as he tries to make nice with the DC swamp. He could even be trying to angle for a job with a hypothetical Biden administration.

But something big is just around the corner. The election results will be challenged by some Republican members of the House and Senate on January 6. Then, all of America will see what the mainstream media has been burying.

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