BREAKING: Election Conspiracy REVEALED – Top Official Speaks Out

Former House Speaker newt Gingrich is speaking out about the state of the 2020 election.

“Not only do you have crooked politicians running crooked elections, but you have crooked or corrupt internet companies deliberately censoring and biasing,” Gingrich told WABC 770.

Gingrich said the level of corruption is unmatched back to 1824:

You have 92% or 93% of the news media deliberately censoring or biasing. So, you are faced with the greatest challenge to the American people’s ability to govern themselves. I think that we’ve seen since 1824 when John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay stole the presidency from Andrew Jackson. I think it’s literally that bad. And it’s that bad at every level.

Gingrich concluded by referencing censorship of Rush Limbaugh: “When somebody as famous as Rush Limbaugh reports that four of his six tweets in one day were censored, you know, if it can happen to a guy of that authority and that fame, what should the average person expect out of the system?”

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