BREAKING: Election Comeback Confirmed – White House Cheering

An election comeback was just confirmed and the White House is cheering. Too many people doubted, but it has happened.  What will the media do now?

“My treatment by the nurses and staff at Georgetown Med Star Hospital was miraculous,” tweeted former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani. “I walked in with serious symptoms. I walked out better than ever.”

He went back to focusing on election-related lawsuits and “lost little time,” he said in another statement. He would go on that day (Dec. 10) to testify before the Georgia legislature about the controversial “election theft tapes.”

Regardless of the outcome of the anti-fraud lawsuits, Giuliani should be commended for bringing irregularities and other problems to the American people’s attention. He has been a valiant public-servant.

And, thankfully, he will continue to be one — his response to the COVID-19 treatment has been stellar and he is already working again. Many anti-Trump liberals probably wish he would just go away altogether.

But that is not how Giuliani operates. As a former prosecutor and someone who led New York City during its darkest time (9/11), he is not accustomed to backing down. He is known as “America’s Mayor” for a reason.

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