BREAKING: Elderly Joe Biden DROPS Suddenly – Age Is…

President Joe Biden’s advanced age along with his disastrous performance in office seems to have caused a sudden and massive drop in his approval ratings with young Americans, according to the latest polls.

A new YouGov/Economist survey found that President Biden has experienced a -50 point drop-off among Americans under 30-years-old.

Young Americans have become one of the Democrat Party’s strongest voter blocks and for the President to poll so badly with them is alarming.

President Biden’s numbers are already abysmal with other age groups, so losing young Americans is simply unacceptable.

These new polls are certainly going to accelerate talks of the Democrat Party forcing Joe Biden to step down once his term is up in 2024.

Of course, that raises the question of who Democrats will support in the 2024 presidential election. So far, no strong Democrat candidates have appeared, while Republicans have a whole host of potential candidates. President Biden needs to do something drastic if he plans to run in 2024.

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