BREAKING: Economy COLLAPSE – Entire System Is…

An economic collapse could be just around the corner if the U.S. doesn’t act fast. Our entire system is at risk and Americans will suffer for years to come without taking appropriate action. This is what we have to do.

“To keep people employed, you have to support the employers,” said real estate investor Tom Barrack. “The biggest part of employer expense is rent,” he continued, explaining why collapse could come next.

“When commerce stops and they can’t pay rent and they can’t pay interest on the debt, and then the banks and the intermediaries can’t pay their investors, it all collapses,” said the billionaire businessman.

Barrack is the CEO of Colony Capital Inc. In a white paper (i.e. report) on the issue facing employers in the United States, he “warned” about a “chain reaction” of events. He repeated his concerns on Bloomberg TV.

Yet, as our economy faces a major crisis, Democrats would rather play partisan politics. Instead of helping workers and employers, they blocked Trump’s stimulus proposal and countered with a disastrous bill.

As Senator Tom Cotton said: “There is a good bill, a bill that was negotiated in good faith… with many Democrats… that they are now blocking, that they will not even start debate on because of ideological wish-list items.”

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