BREAKING: Durham Probe Gives Hillary Clinton Bad News

As Republicans wonder whether U.S. Attorney John Durham can possibly finish his investigation and produce a report before the November election, Durham is reportedly investigating the Clinton Foundation to see if it might have been the reason Hillary Clinton needed a private email server and why she destroyed so many of those emails.

Durham apparently wanted in part to compare how the FBI investigated Hillary Clinton with how it investigated President Donald Trump around the same time.

U.S. Attorney John Huber’s inquiry was thought by conservatives to have given special treatment to the Clintons. Not surprisingly, the probe didn’t find anything of consequence.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz said there could have been political bias related to the FISA abuses his report discovered, but he had limitations to his investigation that didn’t allow him to prove criminal wrongdoing.

While we certainly want a comprehensive report from Durham, it sure would be nice to have it before the election if it shows, as many conservatives expect, that the Trump Russia investigation had no rationale and never should have been conducted in the first place.

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