BREAKING: Dumb Nancy Pelosi Just Proved She’s Dumber Than Expected

Amidst that nightmare that is the war in Ukraine, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made a fool of herself by claiming that President Biden’s response to the invasion displayed his “brilliance.”

Pelosi said on Friday that “I think it’s really important for people to understand the brilliance with which President Biden is conducting this. This is a man who served decades as chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He knows the arena. He knows the personalities.”

This ridiculous statement is insulting to everyone who had the misfortune of hearing it. President Biden may very well be the exact reason that Russia was emboldened to invade Ukraine.

Pelosi went on to praise President Biden for levying sanctions against Russia while ignoring Biden’s failure to sanction Russian oil exports.

So far, nothing President Biden has done has deterred Russia from waging an all-out war against Ukraine. Many Americans have been forced to consider if this would have even happened under former President Trump.

Democrats understand that their success or failure in the midterms is riding on President Biden and as such will go to any length to bolster him, even if that involves boldly lying to America

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