BREAKING: Dropping Charges – White House Stunned

At least one of the impeachment charges could be dropped. The White House is stunned by this news, but it just goes to show that Democrats never had a case in the first place.

Kellyanne Conway’s anti-Trump husband, George Conway, co-wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post in which he proposed that Democrats only send one of the impeachment articles to the Senate.

Under his plan, which is likely being debated now, the second article of impeachment — alleging “obstruction of Congress” — would be transmitted, but the “abuse of power” article would be withheld.

“Holding the first article back and letting the second go forward would be a powerful and precise response to McConnell’s unprecedented attempts to avoid committing to a real trial,” wrote Conway.

Of course, he is delusional. Even a quick glance at his Twitter feed shows just how unhinged he has become, but this is a new low for Conway. He is kidding himself.

Here’s the truth: By withholding one article and sending another forward to the Senate, the entire impeachment scam will be exposed yet again before the American people.

Read the full story here.

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