BREAKING: Drew Brees Confirms Rumors – Fans In Shock

NFL superstar Drew Brews just confirmed the rumors and his fans are completely shocked. The New Orleans Saints quarterback has the entire league talking as well — and the controversy could consume the entire upcoming season.

“I’ll always stand for the flag because of what it means to me and to honor all those who have sacrificed, who have served and died for our country, and all those who have struggled to move this country forward,” announced Brees.

However, he also added, “I acknowledge and respect anyone who chooses to kneel or any other form of peaceful protest to bring attention to social injustice and systemic racism that so many have endured and continue to endure in our country.”

Brees delivered these remarks during a conference call before training camp, capping off a tumultuous several weeks for the quarterback — who many people thought was giving in to the demands of the unpatriotic, anti-America left.

It is nice to know that this isn’t the case. Brees will still stand for our flag and the National Anthem, and he will need all of the encouragement he can get from fans in Louisana and across the country to stay strong.

The NFL and other professional sports leagues are all in the process of becoming ‘woke’ — they think the cultural and political tide are moving in that direction. But they are about to watch millions of Americans take their time and money elsewhere.

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