BREAKING: Dr. Oz Is OUT – It’s Confirmed…

Celebrity Doctor Mehmet Oz was soundly rejected by former President Donald Trump’s supporters, who booed him loudly during a rally held in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, on Friday.

A full cadre of conservative heavyweights appeared at the rally, which only made Dr. Oz stick out even worse as his beliefs do not align with the America First ideology espoused by Trump.

Not only was Dr. Oz booed during his appearance, but also whenever his name was brought up by the other speakers.

Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz was poorly thought out from the beginning, and his supporters are making that known loud and clear.

Dr. Oz has previously endorsed draconian gun control measures and, in many ways, is no different than many other centrist Republicans that Trump is working to root out of the Republican Party.

Dr. Oz has no organic support, and there is no buzz around him other than the boos he receives whenever he makes an appearance. His fledgling political aspirations are looking hopeless at this point, and that comes as no surprise to the many conservatives who have been watching his campaign.

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