BREAKING: Dr. Oz Campaign Bombshell – Secret Ties Exposed…

Former national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, took aim at celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz’s campaign for the U.S. Senate, saying that electing him would be “problematic” and a risk to national security.

O’Brien pointed out that Oz has Turkish citizenship and he served in the Turkish military, which raises serious questions about if he is fit to serve as a Senator.

During a virtual town hall hosted by one of Oz’s Republican rivals, O’Brien said “One thing I want to make clear, and I know you’ve made this clear as well, Carla this isn’t about Mehmet’s heritage, his Muslim faith, or the fact that his family’s from Turkey. We’re all from somewhere, I guess, except for Elizabeth Warren. We’re all from somewhere else, and Mehmet’s a good man. But we’ve never had a situation like this, at least in modern times that I’m aware of, where we have someone who’s a citizen of another country.”

Not only is Oz not a true Republican who is a strong believer in gun control, but his allegiance is divided as he is a citizen of Turkey.

O’Brien continued by saying, “It will be problematic, I think, if Mehmet was elected to be on the Intel Committee or the Senate Armed Services Committee, and to have the type of security clearance that you had as the ambassador.”

Oz recently appeared at a rally held by former President Trump, where he was loudly booed. Now with concerns about his allegiances and loyalties, his fledgling political career is as good as dead.

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