BREAKING: Dr. Fauci’s Chinese Conspiracy Exposed – He’s Finished

What was once considered to be a conspiracy has turned out to be the truth. It has been revealed that Dr. Fauci believed the benefits of gain-of-function research on viruses were worth the risk of a global pandemic.

Remarks made in 2012 by Fauci for the American Society for Microbiology suggest that Fauci was strongly advocating for research that led to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci wrote, “In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic? The benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks.”

Dr. Fauci knew more about the coronavirus outbreak than he was willing to tell Americas. For the last year, Fauci has been feeding the public inconsistent information when he has been dealing with this issue for nearly 10 years.

Fauci even denied any possibility of the coronavirus coming from the Wuhan lab last year. It wasn’t until the last few weeks that Fauci admitted that the coronavirus was not natural and could have leaked from the lab.

Dr. Fauci has lied to Americans for the past year and never once disclosed his work over the past decade. Perhaps Fauci should be facing criminal scrutinization for his obfuscation and lies.

Read the full story here.

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