BREAKING: Dr. Fauci Gets Tragic News – He’s Not…

Dr. Anthony Fauci just received some tragic news. As someone considered to be one of our nation’s top infectious disease experts, Fauci has grown accustomed to being adored. But he has completely lost his goodwill now.

Writing for Breitbart News, columnist Charles Hurt addressed a recent moment “on Opening Day at Nationals Park,” in which he was caught red-handed not wearing his mask properly. Instead of fessing up to his mistake, he became arrogant.

“So, I guess people want to make it a big event,” said Fauci. “I wear a mask all the time when I’m outside. To pull it down to take some sips of water and put it back up again — I guess if people want to make something about that, they can.”

Then, he made matters even worse by accusing skeptics of his behavior as “mischievous.” Apparently, Fauci has become such an entrenched bureaucrat that he has forgotten the first rule of public serve: Set an example for others to follow.

Fauci says he was getting a drink of water, which any reasonable person would permit as justification for lowering your mask. But attacking Americans who have questions just makes him look guilty and defensive. It is a bad look.

Hurt noted that most people have followed the rules that Fauci suggested, yet not only did he show arrogance when confronted about his mistake, he did it with a smile on his face “under the gorgeous sun on Opening Day at your favorite ballpark.”

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