BREAKING: Dr. Fauci ADMITS It – Election Bombshell Stuns Nation

Dr. Anthony Fauci admits that he will be voting in-person for the November election. As Democrats demand more mail-in voting, the nation’s leading disease expert is supporting in-person voting.

In an interview with the Washington Post on Friday, Fauci said, “I’ll likely vote in-person, but under the circumstances — that if what I see in grocery stores, what I see at Starbucks, is you get six or more feet, stand here and don’t move until the person ahead of you. I believe the polling stations are going to do that. If they do that, the six feet, I wouldn’t have any problem.”

Fauci pointed out what many conservatives have been saying for months now. Mail-in voting is a last-ditch measure that there is no reason to resort to.

The risks of voter fraud compromising the 2020 presidential election are simply too high with universal mail-in voting,  especially when social distancing can be implemented.

Social distancing measures can and should be implemented at polling stations around the nation and mail-in voting should remain an option for those out of state.

Democrats will likely continue to lobby for mail-in voting despite this latest statement from Dr. Fauci. Mail-in voting isn’t about keeping Americans safe, it is about stealing an election.

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