BREAKING: Donald Trump’s 2024 Secret Is OUT – Nation Stunned

Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 secret is out and millions of people across the nation are stunned. One of his top allies confirmed it.

According to Nigel Farage, the Brexit leader who just retired from UK politics, Trump is “thinking very, very hard” running for president in 2024, said Farage to The Telegraph.

While serving as president, Trump and Farage quickly forged a relationship and had an understanding on issues such as national sovereignty and illegal immigration. Their relationship has continued.

In fact, Farage is now coming to the United States on behalf of FreedomWorks to energize conservative activists. He will be visiting Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Wyoming.

Will Trump meet his former friend on stage at one of these events? There is no word yet of this happening, but it would be an unforgettable opportunity and moment for the two leaders and those in attendance.

Regardless, one thing is certain: Trump isn’t going anywhere and key allies are still in his corner. He may pull off yet another major upset in 2024 and stun the political establishment once again.

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6 Responses

  1. Trump is the official President and everyone knows it. Fraud/cheating is the Demoncratic way, but judgement lays at the door. I still pray God will lay the truth wide open in such a way no one can deny it.

    1. I personally want this man back in office. I’m 70 years old and I am scared to death what will happen to our country if he isn’t reelected. I know he won this election and my heart breaks.

  2. I wish someone would come to Rockford, Illinois. It is a dying city. Not many jobs. We need good paid jobs.

  3. I agree totally. I am amazed at all the fraud from the left. It really does amaze me that these idiots can honestly sleep at night when they lie so much. They get caught but amazes me they just go on and on. Examples: Biden, Harris, Pisslosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, list goes on and on. Does anyone really think that anyone making over $400,000 will get taxes raised? Normal people YES, but not the RICH. Biden and his cronies are all liars, cheats and thieves. I am sorry that they feel they can do this to the AMERICAN CITIZENS. Do they really think they are right? In the end they will pay for this, but in the meantime they are really trying to destroy our country and the country they live in also. They should know that what they are doing is wrong and that they will be the first ones to lose in the end. STOP before it is too late for us all. I want my children and grandchildren to have the wonderful USA to live and prosper and be FREE. We are not a racist nation, but will not be taken advantage of either.

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