BREAKING: Donald Trump Was Right – The New Numbers Shock Dems

President Donald Trump was right. The new numbers are shocking to Democrat politicians — they can’t believe this actually happened.

“U.S. businesses added 517,000 workers in March as states like Texas and Florida lifted pandemic restrictions, data from payroll provider ADP indicated Wednesday,” reported Breitbart News.

Yet, unconscionably, many Democrats are calling for states to remain on lockdown to fight COVID-19. This is exactly the mentality that Trump was pushing back against — and why he never supported lockdowns.

But Trump was proven right: lockdowns do not work. They only hurt families by destroying jobs and opportunities, making it extremely difficult to make ends meet.

It was never an either/or choice. Trump was an advocate for commonsense safety measures and remaining open to go about our daily lives as best as possible. This is the path Florida took and it worked.

Ultimately, Trump knew that the path out of COVID-19 was a vaccine. It is why Operation Warp Speed was born. Not only is President Joe Biden trying to take credit for it, but he is also encouraging states to keep unnecessary restrictions in place.

Read the full story here.

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2 Responses

  1. I think the problem is the democrats will capitalize on the job growth, regardless of the reason…they have a win, win situation… If the governors of conservative states, restrict the CDC requirements, they will increase revenue, thereby giving the democrats credit, because they are in OFFICE, regardless!

  2. We need common sense Trump more now than ever. Common sense has totally left the Democratic party.

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