BREAKING: Donald Trump Was RIGHT – It’s Happening NOW

Representative Debbie Dingell predicts the House will vote on Monday and pass the $2000 version of the stimulus bill that President Donald Trump was asking for.

President Trump fought for the figure to be raised from $600 to $2000 and this is the beginning of his vindication on the matter.

“We’ll vote to get it on Monday. … Republicans objected to passing it. We’re coming back in on Monday and we will vote on it again. I’m not quite sure, I think everybody’s trying to figure out the parliamentary procedure, but I do believe it’ll pass the House,” said Dingell.

Then Dingell said the burden will be on Trump to get the GOP Senate to follow suit. “Mr. President, talk to your Republican Senate, talk to your Republican leader. Let’s get this done for the American people,” said Dingell.

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