BREAKING Donald Trump Was RIGHT – GOP Reveals The Truth

President Donald Trump was completely right. A high-ranking member of the Republican Party has revealed the truth and Democrats are furious.

“This administration, President Trump’s administration … is the most consequential presidency we have seen in my lifetime,” said Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) on FM Talk 106.5 out of Mobile, Alabama.

“He has only had his first term so far, but in those four years, he accomplished more than any president I have seen accomplish in my lifetime,” continued Hagerty. This is why Democrats are trying to reverse it all.

Trump’s opponents know that his policies were popular — from strengthening border security and renegotiating trade deals to taking a tough position on China and ushering in record-low unemployment.

And these accomplishments are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Let’s also not forget that Trump was the strongest ally to Israel in decades, and his foreign policy was fostering peace in the Middle East.

However, Biden and the Democrats don’t have an actual agenda beyond being “anti-Trump.” Thankfully, as Hagerty noted, Trump “is going to remain engaged.” The former president isn’t going anywhere.

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11 Responses

  1. President Trump will be the president till the communist party is out of his office election was stolen watch for the Biden fans to crowd and support him there is no crowd for communists where is the man come on man Evil in office

  2. How can people be so evil and mean…? Those things that Pres Trump did for us were out of LOVE…He gained nothing…! He lost a lot of money …But he still kept going for us…!!! Look what SATAN is making the Demos do out of pure hate…I can hardly listen to the new’s anymore I get so upset…I never thought I would see people in there 70’s and 80’s doing this to us and are great country…They know Pres Trump is our life line…GOD help us…!

    1. It’s politicians who have been in office TOO LONG… we need term limits and they won’t do it themselves WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO DO IT or else it will take the military to sort them out… the Democrats are out of control and they need to be censured and voted out of office

    2. Yes, he did! He was a great president and I guess that is why the ungodly, Marxist Left worked and worked until they got him away from the White House. They are bent on destroying this country.

  3. Amen Lynn.
    There is has been talk about removing defunct president Biden in his mid-term 2022.

  4. It must be difficult for the liberals. when you are against everything that works and not really for anything it must feel like a awful place to live.

    i think all liberals should be required to list the places they are for. then the USA should pack them up and move them to a place they are for. then everyone could be happier.

    We could name a place in the middle of the Sahara “no where”. then when they list No where as the place they are for we ship them there.

  5. I’m a Liberal and a Democrat! I do not see any LOVE being expressed by “The Former President of The United States”! He only loves 2 things! Himself and money! The invasion of the Capitol Building on January 6th that he incited with his speech reduced The United States of America to the level of a Third World Banana Republic! That is not “Making America Great Again”!

    1. Oh please you can’t be serious … you want war in Syria? You want millions of illegals crossing the border with COVID and who knows what other diseases unchecked? You want higher taxes and communism? A senile old man in the White House signing EO’s and he doesn’t even know what they say? I was a Democrat for 45 years and I voted for Trump BOTH ELECTIONS…. being a Democrat doesn’t mean you have to be STUPID…. Trump was and in my opinion still is the BEST PRESIDENT we have had since Kennedy … Trump won that election… Biden/Harris CHEATED and everyone knows it…

      1. I agree with you Cathy!!!!! When are people that call themselves Dems going to wake up???? Our Country is sinking lower and lower… God help us we need Trump in the White House again…

  6. It is disgusting how the Dems want to change any and everything Trump., Doesn’t matter that it is good for America and her people. If Trump did it….it is going to be erased. That is the kind of Presidency we now have. Hope you are all happy. By the way our gas has already gone up 60 cents a gallon. And that won’t be the end of it.

  7. No it won’t things are going to get worse and worse until people are going to rise up and there will be so much bloodshed I am afraid..The Dems are so evil always thinking of ways to make America worse..It’s so depressing

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