BREAKING: Donald Trump Was RIGHT – Evidence Stuns Nation

Former President Donald Trump has said the current impeachment effort by the Democrats is a baseless circus meant on riling up the leftist base and circulating propaganda.

It looks like Trump was exactly right according to Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

“This is political theater,” said Dershowitz. “And the reason I’m not a lawyer, in this case, is I’m neither an actor nor a politician. And it’s just showboating.”

Dershowitz affirmed Trump’s decision to not testify at the impeachment trial. “He did the right thing by not testifying,” said the former professor. “He ought to defend himself solely on constitutional grounds. The Senate has no jurisdiction. Quote James Madison. James Madison in ‘Federalist 37’ said only a sitting president can be impeached, not one who has already left office. And the text of the Constitution supports that conclusion.”

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