BREAKING: Donald Trump Was Right – Evidence Proves He…

Former President Donald Trump was absolutely right — the evidence proves he was all along. Millions of Americans are stunned by this news.

Appearing on Fox News, Professor Jonathan Turley, who teaches law at George Washington University (GWU), pushed back on the accusation that Trump’s speech on January 6 amounted to criminal incident.

Turley said that “so many people say this is an open and shut case of criminal incitement,” but he has “serious doubts that is this would be sustained” by a court. He is not convinced that “criminal intent” could be proven.

“It does not meet, what I see, is the standard under Brandenburg if you’re looking at just the speech,” Turley continued. The case he cited, Brandenburg v. Ohio, was a high-profile free speech case from 1969.

Turley has written extensively about the House’s “snap impeachment” and the subsequent post-presidency Senate trial on his website. Suffice it to say, he has had serious doubts about the constitutional precedent being set.

But 43 Republicans voted to acquit Trump, preventing Democrats from getting the two-thirds they needed to convict him of “incitement.” History will show that this was the right move — don’t listen to the talking heads on television.

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