BREAKING: Donald Trump VINDICATED – White House Cheering…

President Donald Trump was just completely vindicated. The White House is cheering — they never expected this to happen at the eleventh hour.

“If you can impeach anyone who is not a sitting president, there are no limits to the power of the Congress to try ordinary citizens,” said Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz. “It is plainly unconstitutional.”

Dershowitz, appearing on Fox News, was criticizing the possibility of the Senate holding an impeachment trial for Trump — even though he will no longer be in office. The consequences would be severe.

According to the Constitution, he said, “The subject, the object, the purpose of impeachment is to remove a sitting president.” Should the Senate move forward with a conviction, we will have a constitutional crisis.

Ultimately, the precedent would be set for Congress to “impeach anyone who is not a sitting president,” and, therefore, “there are no limits to the power of the Congress to try ordinary citizens.”

It is imperative that Americans call their U.S. senators to request that they do not go through with such a dangerous farce. To save the Constitution, pettiness and political revenge must be set aside.

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