BREAKING: Donald Trump Vindicated – They Admit He Really Did It

President Donald Trump was just completely vindicated. He really did it and they confirmed it to millions of Americans. This is a stunning development.

“This president has changed the face of the GOP and the electoral map,” said Paris Dennard. “We were competing in places and communities and getting votes from people and electing candidates that were extremely diverse.”

Dennard is the senior communications advisor for the Republican Party’s black outreach initiative and is a board member of Black Voices for Trump. The way he sees it, Trump has expanded the party’s reach in unprecedented ways.

In fact, during an interview on The Kyle Olson Show, Dennard pointed to several races House races the GOP won this election cycle that the talking heads and polls never predicted — resulting in a slim majority for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Republican congressional candidates Byron Donalds (FL-19) and Burgess Owens (UT-04) are just two stellar examples of many. They are bold African-American conservatives who did not compromise their message — and they won.

This means the old and tired accusations of “racism” from the Democratic Party are no longer sticking. Even more people, regardless of race or background, are seeing that conservative principles work and liberalism has failed them.

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