BREAKING: Donald Trump VINDICATED – Media Conspiracy Exposed

Talk show and Fox News host Mark Levin said on his Fox show Sunday that the left is “exploiting” the Wednesday violence at the Capitol to “silence” Republicans and conservatives.

Levin started out by saying, “Warning: anything I say this evening will be used to attack me by the press, the Democratic Party and the Never Trumpers. But I don’t care. I always try to speak the truth and I want to talk to you tonight. It’s a very, very important period in our history.”

He called the Capitol violence “outrageous” and pointed out that Republicans has universally condemned the actions of those who forced their way in and fought with police.

“Breaching the walls and the security the Capitol Building, 14 Capitol Police injured, a woman shot dead. That’s not who we are, and those people who did that are not us,” Levin said.

The hundreds of thousands of people who peacefully marched and rallied, though, are “being painted with a broadest of brushes,” Levin said. He then said the media had been pouring gasoline on the anti-Trump fire for the last 5 years, and called on them to stop and be more reasonable.

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