BREAKING: Donald Trump VINDICATED – It’s Not Over

President Donald Trump stands vindicated as the movement to overturn the general election results is gaining ground.

President Trump and House Republicans held a conference call on Saturday night to discuss overturning certain state’s electoral votes because of allegations of voter fraud, according to Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL).

Brooks said, “The momentum to fight against voter fraud and election theft is rapidly gaining. And as a consequence, the numbers that we had who were supportive yesterday are almost always supplemented by reinforcements today and the next day.”

The fight for the Presidency is not over, although, with certification by Congress due on the 6th, it might be too little too late.

Republicans want to see the electoral votes from states like Pennsylvania and Michigan expunged from the count because of allegations of voter fraud that have yet to be settled.

Representative Brooks said, “In my judgment, the primary reason so many congressmen and senators are now coming forward to fight this fight is because so many American citizens have made it known that this fight is critical to America’s future.” Without addressing the clear irregularities of this election cycle, American’s faith in our institutions will continue to decline.

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