BREAKING: Donald Trump Vindicated – Impeachment Reversal Shocks Nation

Former President Trump stands vindicated once again as a recent poll finds a majority of Americans saying a second impeachment trial will cause more division.

A Rasmussen survey released on Thursday showed that 57% of Americans believe the Democrat push to impeach Trump only further divides the country and does nothing to promote the unity that Biden promised.

Rasmussen also found that “In the immediate aftermath of violence at the Capitol and a House impeachment vote on January 13, half of the voters supported removing President Trump from office before Joe Biden’s January 20 inauguration. Now that Biden is in the White House, however, there is less support for convicting Trump in the Senate trial.”

Americans have already moved on, and there are more pressing matters that require serious attention. Americans are still suffering by the millions from the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats control both the Senate and the House and can fix many issues that affect Americans, yet they are trying to impeach a President who has left office.

Democrats will likely find that come 2022, Americans will not look kindly on their political games. Republicans should be looking to capitalize on this strategic error and use it to take back the House and Senate in the midterms.

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