BREAKING: Donald Trump VINDICATED – Conservatives In Shock

President Donald Trump is garnering support from an unlikely source: liberal TV host Bill Maher, who seems to disagree with the censoring of President Trump.

During Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Maher said he doesn’t like when “anyone, anywhere decides what speech is allowed and what isn’t. It seems like these things become, that’s the one true opinion in the liberal bubble.”

Maher fancies himself a principled leftist and will stick to his core values regardless of the political affiliation of those involved. Maher continued saying, “I’m a free speech person. I mean, f*ck Trump. But when someone, anyone, anywhere decides what speech is allowed and what isn’t, I don’t know.”

The power of companies like Facebook and Twitter has grown to such a shocking degree that liberals like Maher are considering the possibilities if those same companies turned their power against progressives.

On multiple occasions, Maher has found himself on the wrong end of the stick that is cancel culture, and he understands the danger to our way of life that such power represents.

Republicans would do well to make common cause with more principled leftists to reign in the power of Big Tech. The censoring of a sitting President should tell everyone all they need to know about the threat that Big Tech is to our democracy and our way of life.

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