BREAKING: Donald Trump Unveils Thanksgiving Surprise – Nation Stunned

College students are appalled at inflation as we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and they are now saying that Americans were better off under the Trump administration.

“Students in Washington, DC were shocked to hear about this year’s Thanksgiving inflation, and said that Americans were better off under former President Donald Trump,” reported Breitbart News.

Campus Reform‘s Addison Smith talked to students in Washington, DC about reports that 2021 could be the most costly Thanksgiving dinner in American history, amid skyrocketing inflation,” reported Breitbart News.

Students were interviewed about the inflation America is seeing this Thanksgiving, and many of them were shocked at the current cost of, well, just about everything.

Students were concerned to hear that they’ll be paying 50 percent more for gas this year.

“When asked, students said that American families were better off financially under Trump than under President Joe Biden, with one student claiming that even his ‘liberal’ friends prefer Trump or Obama’s economy to Biden’s,” reported Breitbart News.

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