BREAKING: Donald Trump Tells What Scares Him – It’s Not What You Think

On December 20, Donald Trump appeared on Fox and told America what scares him.

After following Donald for the past few years, the answer wasn’t quite what I expected.

It turns out that Number 45 is worried about a “very dangerous thing”… cryptocurrency.

Host Maria Bartiromo asked: “What do you think about crypto?”

“Well, I never loved it because I like to have the dollar,” Trump started. “I think the currency should be the dollar. So, I was never a big fan, but it’s building up bigger and bigger, and nobody is doing anything about it. And I … know it so well.”

There’s no hiding that Trump wants the official currency of America to be the most powerful in the world.

“Look, I want our currency called the dollar. I don’t want to have all these others — and that could be an explosion some day like the likes of which we’ve never seen. It could make the big tech explosion look like baby stuff. I think it is a very dangerous thing.”

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