BREAKING: Donald Trump Takes Over – Biden Goes Down…

Former President Donald Trump has taken the lead in a hypothetical matchup against President Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential race.

A new McLaughlin & Associates poll, which was released on Friday, found that Trump is a solid five points ahead of President Biden.

The poll asked voters, “If the general election for President were held today, would you be more likely to vote for Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, or Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate?”

Trump garnered 49% support, with President Biden slipping into the low 40’s. The President’s approval ratings are crushing his chances of him serving a second term, even against someone as notorious as Donald Trump.

Surprisingly, Trump is leading his potential competition from the Republican Party. Trump was far and away the top choice at 59%, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis taking 2nd with 15% support.

Donald Trump is gaining steam and his support is getting stronger. Democrats thought they had crushed Trump’s political viability, but the opposite is happening with two years in President Biden’s term left.

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