BREAKING: Donald Trump Surprises Family – Watch Video Of Crowd Cheering

President Donald Trump just surprised a family. This video of a crowd cheering is incredible — he is still admired by many Americans.

Speaking at a wedding at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Trump wowed attendees with his usual humor and candor, taking aim at President Joe Biden for creating a crisis on the border. People loved it.

He said, “The border’s not good; the border is the worst anybody’s ever seen.” Then, after a moment, he said, “I just say, ‘Do you miss me yet?'” Applause and cheers rang through the room.

You can view the video above and it is great. This is classic Trump — playing to the crowd and just telling the blunt truth. Democrats want to pretend that he’s a disgraced former president.

But the truth is that he successfully navigated two politically-motivated impeachments and left a record of major accomplishments. Now, Biden is in the process of undoing it all. Sad!

Read the full story here.

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10 Responses

  1. I’m still on the Trump Train and will remain there. He has done so much good for America and now the Biden administration is tearing it all down wherever possible. I can’t imagine such hate. You GO President Trump!!! You da man!!!
    When you get in charge again, America will breathe a sigh of relief

  2. These corrupt CHEATING DemonRATS are showing the WORLD what they are. I can hardly wait when they take JOE off the stag and straight into a REST HOME for the mentally ill. It’s coming faster than a freight train.

  3. I wish he could just step in right now and clear up this disaster from Biden
    and while he is at it clear out the swamp. Go Man Go President D. Trump

  4. We are ready whenever President Donald Trump is!
    We need to stand strong and keep the Faith that God will not let us down.
    He hears our prayers and knows what we are dealing with from day to day.
    It all takes time but it will be set right again and we will take back our country and make it great again.

  5. We need to erase the insanity in the White House. They can not dream up enough insanity to ruin our beautiful country. Lets raise the taxes on the Corporations and make them less competitive against China. China has no state taxes or city income taxes plus lower federal taxes. This is a dumb move. We are already paying increased gasoline prices to start with not to mention food prices. Keep going Joe the people will wake up.

  6. We need our President Trump in the White House protecting the unborn, the citizens of our country, the legal immigrants, clean out the swamp, being in the honest, rehab the sick, help the needy!

  7. Such a shame that our country is in the condition it is because of a STOLEN election. The evil, crooked, corrupt demorats could not win any other way. A fake collusion didn’t work, so they gave us a virus, then stole the election. President Trump is the best President we’ve ever had. The only MAN to stand us against the swamp, better known as scum. We wouldn’t have a crisis at the border with him as Commander In Chief but this idiot trying to run this country is pathetic and weakening our great country. TRUMP 2024.

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