BREAKING: Donald Trump STABBED In The Back – GOP In Shock

President Trump has been stabbed in the back by lawyers that the Republican Party has spent millions on to ensure that election integrity is upheld.

Former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party Harmeet Dhillon pointed out that the Republican Party has failed horrifically to secure important legal assets and should have been better prepared for the fight over the election.

Dhillon said, “If we continue to run [elections and campaigns] like we have now, which is sort of a clique of grifters taking a bunch of money as middlemen from in between donors and giving it to candidates and ground and party infrastructure, we will lose.”

Dhillon’s observation about the Republican Party is extremely appropriate. Before Donald Trump came along to revitalize the party, the Republican Party was a party of professional losers.

Dhillon continued saying, “What we’re finding right now is quite a few of the lawyers that signed up and got huge multimillion-dollar grant payouts from the GOP, they’ve thrown the president under the bus in the past week.”

The Republican Party needs to fight for the President and to ensure that the integrity of the election is secure. A good starting point for them would be to ensure that legal representation will not be lost to the left and mainstream media’s bullying.

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