BREAKING: Donald Trump Speaks Out – Stuns GOP With Surprising Move

Mitch McConnell might have suspected that he could give a speech savaging the outgoing President with little repercussions. But Donald Trump wasn’t about to go silently into the night.

After McConnell criticized Trump brutally on the Senate floor and then penned a critical op-ed, Trump waited a few days and then released a statement responding to the accusations.

“The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political ‘leaders’ like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its helm,” wrote Trump in his statement. “McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo policies, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality, has rapidly driven him from Majority Leader to Minority Leader, and it will only get worse.”

Trump continued, “It was a complete election disaster in Georgia, and certain other swing states. McConnell did nothing, and will never do what needs to be done in order to secure a fair and just electoral system into the future. He doesn’t have what it takes, never did, and never will.”

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