BREAKING: Donald Trump SMACKS Joe Biden – Democrats Humiliated

Former President Donald Trump blasted current President Joe Biden Saturday on Fox News’ Live, Liberty and Levin, calling Biden’s presidency “catastrophic” and “humiliating.”

Trump said that because of inflation, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and southern border issues, the Biden presidency has been “the most embarrassing and humiliating period in the history of our country.”

“Inflation is eating our people alive,” he told Levin.

He said he would have handled the Afghan pullout much differently, keeping access to Bagram air base, and lamented that China may now be looking to move into the base.

“We spent billions of dollars years ago building that,” he said. “And I was going to bomb all of the other facilities.  … And that would have been it. We would have been gone.”

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

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  4. What can you say? The man speaks the truth regardless of who it ticks off. I personally think he has shown great restraint with his remarks considering what has taken place. Biden, the puppet president operated by the hard left, isn’t really the president. He is a figurehead who was put into office illegally. Just my personal opinion…..which is being proven more as every new state audits their votes. That, from a FORMER democrat of over 30 years. I didn’t leave the party, the party kicked me out on the side of the road doing 90mph on the road to the Communist States of America.

  5. Biden doesn’t know his [email protected]@$$ from a he in the ground and yes he was put in the White House illegally he needs to be fired and all the rest of the demo clowns too. Let the real leader lead our country the way it is suppose to be run. PRESIDENT TRUMP

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