BREAKING: Donald Trump SLAMS Top Democrats In Russian Scandal [Developing]

Former President Donald Trump slammed Democrats for their hypocrisy in calling Ukraine’s border “sacred” while dismantling our own borders and allowing thousands of illegal aliens into the United States.

During Trump’s speech at CPAC in Orlando, Florida, he pointed out that “What has happened in Ukraine is a catastrophic disaster. But it isn’t really that interesting that so many Democrat politicians in Washington, they seem to be rushing to microphones to declare that Ukraine’s borders are sacred.”

This is particularly alarming considering that President Joe Biden has spent the past year downright ignoring the crisis at the southern border.

While President Biden opens our borders to thousands of illegal aliens, many of whom are never properly documented before being released into the United States, the Democrat Party spreads the ideology of open borders.

Trump continued saying, “They want to say their borders are sacred, and we feel for Ukraine in so many ways, but Ukraine’s sovereignty must be defended at all costs, they say, even while they’re destroying our own borders and surrendering our own sovereignty. We have a border that’s a catastrophe. We have people coming into our country that we don’t want. They will not be good for our country.”

Democrats have shown their true colors and proven what many Conservatives have claimed for years. Democrats don’t care about this country’s border or our sovereignty and are happy to sell us down the river to defend the interests of other countries.

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