BREAKING: Donald Trump Signs It – Third Pardon Stuns Nation

President Donald Trump just signed the order. His third pardon has completely stunned the nation — liberal Democrats are furious about it.

“President Trump granted a full pardon to Gary Brugman,” said a White House statement. Brugman is the third Border Patrol agent Trump has pardoned this week, and the action was supported by several Republican leaders.

According to the statement, “His clemency is supported by numerous elected officials, including Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Senators Ted Cruz, and John Cornyn, Representative Louie Gohmert,” and six other GOP congressmen.

Brugman served 27 months in prison after being “accused of knocking one of the illegal immigrants to the ground” during a pursuit of “nearly a dozen illegal immigrants.” He pursued and apprehended them on foot.

During the incident, he assessed the situation and ordered one of the suspects to sit down — just like the others were already doing. When the suspect did not comply, Brugman “placed his boot flatly on the man’s back and pushed him to the ground.”

Even though he reported that the man wasn’t injured, prosecutors still pressed charges and Brugman was convicted. Trump’s pardon has righted a serious wrong and Americans should praise his decision.

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