BREAKING: Donald Trump Shuts It DOWN – Nation Stunned

President Donald Trump just shut it down. Millions of people nationwide are stunned — they never expected this to happen, but Trump has fulfilled another promise. The upcoming election may have shifted in his favor now.

“The second half of [fiscal year] 2020 saw 92 percent fewer immigrants from abroad than the first half, which was larger than any annual decline in the history of the United States,” reported David Brier with the Cato Institute.

“Legal immigration almost wholly stopped in April and May 2020—after the State Department closed its consulates and President Trump issued a proclamation suspending new visa issuances to most immigrant categories,” he continued.

Ultimately, Trump has followed through on his promise to put American workers first. In fact, from October 2019 to October 2020, legal immigration was nearly cut in half due to the newly-implemented Trump administration policies.

Liberals and open-border activists will cry “xenophobia” and “racism,” but it has nothing to do with those things at all. From the beginning, Trump made it clear that too much legal immigration at one time has a negative effect on U.S. jobs.

As a first priority, these jobs should be filled by citizens needing work. Furthermore, U.S. companies will have to pay Americans more than the low wages they can get away with paying immigrants. It is truly that simple.

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