BREAKING: Donald Trump Shocks Nation – Campaign Over…

President Donald Trump just completely shocked the nation. Millions of Americans across the country can’t believe it — and this unexpected move has changed the dynamics of the election. The campaign could be over.

“For the first time ever in the Zogby Analytics poll, Trump has jumped to 52 percent job approval,” according to Breitbart News. “Only 47 percent disapprove.” With less than 70 days before the election, Joe Biden’s campaign is in serious trouble.

“Trump’s job approval among blacks sits at an impressive 36 percent approve, while 61 percent disapprove,” the report continued. Pollster John Zogby told the Washington Examiner that Trump’s “law-and-order message” is prevailing.

In our nation’s largest cities, the rioting has persisted and violence is on the rise. Urban voters are understandably frustrated and Biden has done nothing to assuage their concerns. Trump, on the other hand, has championed order and peace.

Should the trend in Trump’s favor continue, two historic moments will occur on Election Day: Trump will win a landslide victory and Biden will lose by a margin no one thought possible. Democrats will be left with absolutely nothing.

You can already imagine hosts on CNN and MSNBC trying to hold in their tears as they report the results, complete with video footage from Biden’s watch party as Democrat activists wail over his defeat. The rest of us will just smile.

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