BREAKING: Donald Trump Says It’s Going To Hell – Nation Shocked…

Former President Donald Trump insulted President Joe Biden over his poor approval ratings, saying he thinks they are even lower than polls show.

“A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll showed only 37% of adults in the United States approve of the way Biden is handling his job,” reported Breitbart News.

“Citing the rising crime, especially in ‘Democrat-run cities,’ Trump said he didn’t believe that many people approved of the president’s job in office thus far. He argued that the United States ‘is going to hell’ under Biden,” reported Breitbart News.

“First of all, I don’t believe 37% because if you believe that he has got 37%, that means that 37% of the people in this country approve of the job he is doing?” Trump argued. “How can you do that where the country is going to hell? Our country is going to hell. We have the highest crime in all these Democrat-run cities. The crime is through the roof — we don’t talk about that. The border is open, and we have criminals pouring in. They’re dumping their jails from many, many countries … from over 100 countries they say are dumping their prisoners into the United States, and they’re just walking in — totally, just nobody is even checking them, talking to them. We don’t even know where the hell they come from, and these are some really bad people, including terrorists, by the way.”

“We will be paying for that for a long time — that open border,” he continued. “And we had the strongest, tightest border in the history of our country a year ago. It is very, very terrible what’s happened. So, you tell me it’s 37%, Maria? I don’t believe it. I don’t believe 37% of the people would vote for him.”

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