BREAKING: Donald Trump REVERSAL – Republicans In SHOCK

The news just dropped about a President Donald Trump ‘reversal’ and Republicans are in shock. His allies on Capitol Hill and around the country can’t believe it. This is stunning.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden is preparing a bevy of executive orders to issue on his first day in the White House that will reverse some of the key policies of the Trump administration,” reported Breitbart News.

Yes, elections have consequences, and America is about to see them unfold. Biden plans to ease Trump’s “tight travel restrictions” from terrorist hotbeds and renew the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Biden also intends “to reverse President Donald Trump’s Protect Life rule,” which was established to protect U.S. taxpayers from funding “groups like Planned Parenthood that perform and promote abortions in other countries.”

There are other pro-abortion policies Biden has promised to force upon millions of pro-life Americans as well, according to This includes reversing the Mexico City Policy originally passed by President Ronald Reagan.

It is crucial that Americans pray for a better outcome as votes are still being counted and recounted. For many reasons, Biden’s presidency would be a disaster — and Trump has proven his ability to fight for this country no matter what.

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