BREAKING: Donald Trump Reversal – Military Stunned

The news just dropped about a President Donald Trump ‘reversal’ and the United States military is stunned. This came out of nowhere — and now both major parties are wondering what to do with the information.

“You can put me on record denying that I spoke with The Atlantic,” said former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Zach Fuentes, referring to the publication’s anonymously-sourced article claiming Trump disparaged our troops.

“I don’t know who the sources are,” Fuentes continued. “I did not hear POTUS call anyone losers when I told him about the weather. Honestly, do you think General Kelly would have stood by and let ANYONE call fallen Marines losers?”

This is a devastating blow to the narrative being pushed by Democrats and the mainstream media. The Atlantic claimed that they spoke with former senior White House officials, so who are these people? It certainly wasn’t Fuentes.

By Fuentes’ implication, it also wasn’t Trump’s former Chief of Staff John Kelly — so The Atlantic is already running out of options. Fuentes even said in his comments that the sources “are unlikely first-hand accounts.”

It is imperative that Trump supporters spread this news far and wide in order to fight back against the mainstream media. With less than 55 days until the November election, Trump’s political adversaries won’t stop pushing their elaborate lies.

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