BREAKING: Donald Trump Reveals Secret Plan Against Joe Biden – America Stunned…

It’s been a known thing that former President Donald Trump rightly predicts outcomes of business dealings between America and other countries, because after all, he is a businessman first.

“Trump predicted China would move to take greater control of Taiwan after President Joe Biden demonstrated weakness against Russian President Vladimir Putin,” reports Breitbart News.

“By the way, China is gonna be next,” Trump said during a discussion about Biden failing to stop Putin from invading Ukraine.

Trump was asked if he believed China would “go after” Taiwan.

Trump replied, “Oh, absolutely.”

“They’re waiting ’til after the Olympics,” Trump said. “Now the Olympics ended, and look at your stopwatch, right?”

Trump compared Russia and China to “twin sisters” who both want to implement control over other countries.

“It’s almost like twin sisters right here because you have one that wants Taiwan, I think, equally badly,” Trump said.

To read the full story and more of Trump’s comments on Biden’s weakness, click here.

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