BREAKING: Donald Trump Reveals Message To Putin [Details Here]

Former President Donald Trump shared strong opinions about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“It is a horrible thing. It would never have happened under any circumstance, and it is what it is,” Trump said.

“But there’s great bravery being shown, and I think they’re doing one hell of a job—much more so than anybody would have thought possible.”

Trump was asked if he had a message to Putin, he said: “I have no message.”

“I just think it’s a shame that this is going on. It’s something that should not be going on,” said Trump.

“Thousands of people, I mean, this can lead to much bigger than this one area,” Trump warned.

“This could lead to a lot of other countries and can lead to world war,” Trump continued.

Trump said, “you never know how it starts, in a world war.”

“You never think a war is going to come out of it,” he continued. “All of a sudden, you end up in a world war.”

“This is a very dangerous period for our nation, for the country,” Trump added.

Trump talked at length about the botched exit from Afghanistan and noted that other countries are paying attention and saw weakness, which gave them ideas, putting the United States in danger.

“I really think that was the most embarrassing—one of the lowest points in the history of our country,” Trump said. “And President Xi and Putin, they watched that, and I think they probably came up with ideas that they didn’t have before seeing it, because it was grossly incompetent.”

To read this full story and see all of Trump’s comments, click here.

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