BREAKING: Donald Trump Reveals Biden’s Lover – Nation Stunned

President Donald Trump just revealed Joe Biden’s lover and the nation is completely stunned. The Democratic presidential candidate never saw this coming — and the election is now less than 20 days away.

“By the way you know, Biden was a big lover of Castro, you do know that, right?” asked Trump during a campaign rally in Florida this week. In response, the crowd booed and rightly so. Biden’s record on Castro and communism is abhorent.

Before Obama and Biden left the White House, they gave a parting gift to Cuban dictator Raul Castro. It was a “pathetic one-sided deal … that betrayed the Cuban people and enriched the communist regime,” said Trump.

Ultimately, the Obama administration attempted to normalize diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba without the communist state having to make any concessions toward freedom for the Cuban people.  It was a joke.

After taking office, Trump reversed this disatrous policy that — as Charlie Spiering with Breitbart News noted — “hurt democratic freedom movements on the island.” It is possible, then, that Biden will try to reinstate the policy if he becomes president.

But no one should be surprised. After all, Biden has a history of coddling communism — he wants to handle China with kid gloves as well. This is just another reason why Trump must be re-elected on November.

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