BREAKING: Donald Trump Removed – Family In Shock

President Donald Trump was just completely removed and his family is in shock. The radical left is up to their nasty tricks again.

“I think the message here is they want to erase Donald Trump,” said Lara Trump referring to her interview with the former president, which was completely scrubbed by Facebook.

She continued: “They want you to forget he ever existed. They don’t want you to see him, they don’t want you to hear from him. Look away, move on, shut up and go on about your lives, forget Donald Trump existed.”

It was a dubious, spiteful move by Facebook and one that Trump-supporting users of the social media platform should complain about. There is really no rational justification for it.

Now, Facebook has set the precedent that — if they simply don’t like a current or former president — they can just scrub that person from existence completely (unless it’s negative news, of course).

This is why Trump pushed so hard for Section 230 to be repealed. In short, Section 230 contains special legal protection for social media companies to prevent them from being sued.

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14 Responses

    1. So true why do we continue to support a company that want let the truth be told.By the way we have aGod given road map to follow called the Holy Bible for all people that is.please think on that.

    2. No Facebook is going to get their ears boxed. America is tired of this censoring violating the US Constitution. Either Social Media allows people to voice their opinions or they will no longer be in service and slapped with a billion dollar fine.

  1. What if everyone boycoted Face Book and they were hard hit in their pocket book, do you think the would they come off their high horses

  2. Who does Facebook think they are??????? We live in a free country and should be able to watch or listen to whatever we want to..Why doesnt that Zuckerburg move to a communist country where he belongs?? Who does he think he is and does he know who made him a millionaire and now he is spitting on us…I wish the worse for him

  3. Face book is NOT the only place you can use…if you don’t like anything you say that might not agree with the dictatorship running face book …..there is a site out there called GAB… censorship so I sure things could get a little risque…if it does skip it and move on… is a shame that facebook wants to be in so much control… I was locked out a time or two because i said i didn’t like somebody, and it was said with no vulgarity or name calling no foul language I simply said i did not like them……it was a known person but so what I’m allowed to not like somebody even on facebook I thought

  4. Mark Zuckerberg is ‘into little boys. He’s sick af! Power went to his head and HE’S A SELLOUT!

  5. They can’t erase Donald Trump. He has more followers than Biden ever has or will have. He is the only politician that isn’t beholden to our enemies.

  6. When did the airwaves lose and they have the airwaves that u s ed to be fresh in their control. This has to stop.

  7. I am sick of people like Zuckerburg trying to shut people up that had sense enough to see the that Trump was the greatest for the American People. Look at the crazy, dirty, lobbyist lovers puppeteers are doing to the Puppet and he has no better sense to do as they say. What a mess for America. As quick as Jan. 20, the lobbyist and donations to bidens started again. No wonder they can have big houses and lots of them. They DO NOT care about American People coming FIRST. They have already said that America does not come first. Guess they don’t donate enough.

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