BREAKING: Donald Trump Releases Democrat Crime Bombshell – Nation Stunned…

Former President Donald Trump hammered the Left, saying Democrat-run cities are crime-ridden and they don’t know how to fix it.

“Former President Donald Trump this week joined Chairman Rick Scott for the first episode of the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s new podcast NRSC Red Zone, discussing several topics, including the left’s inability to control crime in Democrat-controlled cities,” reports Breitbart News.

“What would you say to Biden and these about this — defund the police?” Scott asked.

“Well, in New York, we just lost a number of great policemen. They were shot killed and throughout the country, and these are murderers. These are horrible murderers, and nothing happens,” Trump said.

“If you’re a murderer, you murder somebody you kill somebody, they let you out no cash bail, and all of these things and it’s just killing our country — all Democrat-run cities. We don’t have Republican cities like this all. Democrat-run cities,” Trump added.

To read this full story and more of Trumps comments on several topics, including the economy, national security, and Hispanic outreach, click here.

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