BREAKING: Donald Trump Puts Her On BLAST – He Didn’t Back Down

Former President Donald Trump once again criticized Meghan Markle during an interview with Nigel Farage, saying she was “disrespectful” to the Queen and was “using” husband Prince Harry.

“I think she’s very disrespectful to the Royal Family and most importantly to the Queen,” the Daily Mail previewed Trump as saying during the interview.

The criticism comes after Meghan and Harry pulled out of their royal duties suddenly in 2019, and then gave a tell-all interview to Oprah Winfrey where they accused family members of racism.

“I’m not a fan of hers. I wasn’t from day one,” Mr Trump said Markle. “I think Harry has been used horribly and I think some day he will regret it.

“She is trying to do things that I think are very inappropriate,” Trump said, referring to Markle using her royal title to address Congress over parental leave.

Read the full story here.

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