BREAKING: Donald Trump Puts Democrats On Heels – He’s Not Done…

Former President Donald Trump may be out of the Oval Office but he’s still taking up space in the Democrats’ heads. They can’t seem to figure out how Trump gained with Latino voters despite their propaganda that Trump was a racist. It’s almost like they resent people thinking for themselves rather than buying into everything CNN says.

According to Fox News, Trump’s appeal to Latino voters may have been “more widespread than originally thought.”

Despite the Democrats’s effort to increase 2020 turnout among minority voters, “Latino voters with low involvement in politics shifted toward Trump, according a new report from Equis Labs.”

“Trump gains seemed to be unique among those identifying as Latino across geography and place of origin,” said the researchers.

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5 Responses

  1. PRESIDENT TRUMP could have gotten ALL the votes in the U.S, and dementia-Joe and the “HO” would have still “won” because the election was “rigged” by the “deep state” communists from the get-go. That is why he hid in his “basement bunker” because he was “informed he was the “winner” already.
    “buyers remorse” setting in yet, all you communist lovers?

    1. Agreed.. I believe there are more Trump supporters in the US then the democrats knew about. We could take over just by shear numbers. That’s why they are so scared and they insist on having a cage around the White House. They know if people start talking and become unified they are in trouble. CNN is a brainwashing entity. The first thing Anderson Cooper did was claim that Trump supporters were a cult and td his audience “how to deal with Trump supporters.” Brainwashing his followers to believe that we are the enemy and having family members turn on each other. Doesn’t sound like a good guy. And what about the corrupt Supreme Court? Refusing to do its job and look at the evidence. They flat out ignored it found a technical error for their reason to dismiss the case. Now they want the world to bieve that the guilty were innocent??? Not so fast. We are not that ignorant.

    2. I don’t care how much the left tries to make it seem as tho
      the right is crazy with this idea..

  2. Everyone Knows That Joe Is A Body Double & That Joe Has Been Dead For A Few Months Already!! So Nobody Is Listening To Him Or The Idiots That Are Talking To The False Guy!! Joe Was Not The Smartest Pickel In The Jar, But These Clones Can’t Find The Bathroom!!
    Besides, Joe Was A Pedophile, And Everyone Knew It!! These Clones Don’t Even Look Sideways At An Attractive Teenager!!!
    Come On Now Let’s Get Rid Of The Riffraff And Get Mr. Trump Back Into The Driver’s Seat Again!! This Country Is Headed Into A Terrible Situation, And Mister Trump Knows How To Get Us Back On Solid Ground!!

  3. Most folks can discern “THE REAL MCCOY!!” President Trump IS the “real deal”. He is honest AND in earnest. We were blessed and look forward to another 4 years if he is willing.

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